“Bringing Blessings with Gifts”

Geeta Cards

The essence of words and verses of The Holy Geeta captured in a pack of 48 cards, for personal reflection. This is not a direct translation of the verses.


The battle of Kurukshetra began with Shri Krishna blowing the Panchajanya conch, which also symbolizes the call of spirituality.


A translation of the words ‘uddhared ātmanātmānaṁ’ from Chapter 6 of the Bhagavad Geeta, this ‘Lift Yourself by Yourself’ T-shirt allows you to wear your inspiration! It is available in various colours.


A life-changing book like The Holy Geeta deserves an exceptional bookmark! We have exquisite hand-beaten copper ones with Swami Chinmayananda’s signature Om and steel ones with his quotes.

Book Covers

Books like The Holy Geeta are your key to unlock the most valuable and precious Knowledge. Wrap your sacred books in our attractive book covers to avoid wear ‘n tear.

Chinmaya Upahar

Not just an another gift
A gift with a difference for your loved ones

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